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SLR and DSLR Cameras – Make The Right Choice

This is the digital age in every sense of the word. Everything is online. Most of the activities take place with the help of an electronic device. Now, even the cameras have gone digital with the invention of a DSLR. The Digital single lens reflex camera is a type of a digital camera. Commonly known as the DSLR, it has advantages over the SLR camera. The most important difference is the absence of a camera roll. Going digital means replacing the roll with a memory card. The images that are captured using the camera are saved on this card and viewed on an electronic device such as a laptop or a tablet. There is no question of developing negatives. A lot of money can be saved as there is no constant purchase of camera films. Thousands of images can be taken and saved as opposed to the thirty-six images that are allowed in a single roll of the camera film. These images of the DSLR can be erased and reused. The roll of a camera cannot be reused again.

There is a reason why people have gone digital. The market is flooded with digital cameras. Passion in photography has increased and a lot has to do with the ease with which the DSLR cameras work. They are people friendly, have autofocus and can be learned fairly easily. With the sales shooting up rapidly, there are many cameras that have come up in the market. The popular brands include Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, and Panasonic. To discuss a few:

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Reviews are essential in this day and age. There is so much marketing done out there for the products, the actual performance is what matters in the end. Reviews written by the end users of products give the actual truth. For example, the canon t5i review states that the features are very powerful and that it is user-friendly. It is an entry level DSLR, which takes fantastic videos. It can autofocus while recording a movie and comes with external microphone jack for the audio. A canon 70d is the brand’s least expensive device with excellent performance. The review reads that it is worth its money in full. The Nikon also has excellent reviews. After canon, the Nikon is believed to be the next best choice. (Canon – 38 to 40% and Nikon – 33 to 35%). Nikon d750 is this brand’s third full frame DSLR is this calendar year. The quality is excellent and with very good ergonomics and additional features. The d750 is being called ‘newly developed’ by Nikon. Producing smaller files, this camera is faster.

SLR and DSLR cameras are abundant in the market. Picking the right one according to your needs and what you are comfortable with is vital in all aspects. Many of the modern pocket cameras will fit the bill. Your photography needs can be met. Read the reviews and make the right choice.