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Popular Guns And Buying Guns Online

Safety starts from home. One cannot always depend on law enforcement agencies to be present everywhere every time, it is practically not feasible. There are only so many cops available and they cannot be present at every house. This works in favour of thieves and people who break law. In some areas where there is not much cop presence these anti-social elements strike. If you find yourself at the mercy of such people then a gun would become quite handy.

Now the next question is what a good gun to buy is and there are so many of them available, how to choose the one that suits. This is where buying guns online helps. There are lot of reviews and one can also compare the various guns available based on one’s budget and purpose. It is better to read reviews that are genuine and narrow down.

Below is an attempt to point out to some of the popular guns available in the market. The main companies that build good guns are Glock, Ruger and SIG Sauer. The list below is a selection of one gun from each of these companies. They have much more exhaustive list of guns available which one can find online.

A handgun is ideal for using at home to prevent any theft attempt or a quick use. If you are looking for 9mm guns then glock 19 is the handgun !!! . It is known for its smaller size and yet still packs 15 rounds of 9mm ammo plus one in the chamber. They are made up of a plastic polymer, its weight, size and capacity makes it one the most preferred by law enforcement agencies. Because of its material it is termed as undetectable even in airports, though that’s not very true.

The ruger 10 22 rifle on the other hand is a semi-automatic rifle. Since it uses inexpensive ammunition and is easy to handle besides negligible recoil makes it popular among young and new shooters. There are various variations of the ruger 10 22 with mostly variations in barrel. Since there are many variations and also many types of magazines in order to buy ruger 10 22 one can go online and research on which is better for the required purpose. There are many reviews available.

SIG Sauer is a popular pistol brand and among the best in the world. Many law enforcement agencies and military personnel use the SIG p226 which has high capacity and supports double stack magazines. This also has many variants with differences in barrels, rails and cocking mechanisms. It is used by many armies and air forces across the world. If one does an online SIG p226 review – high quality is what one can find that everyone has posted about this gun.

Thus one can search on these specific guns or go far a more generic use case based search on which gun suits their needs. Buying guns online is nowadays very easy and they are available at the click of a mouse. Thus it is hassle free and one knows what he is getting as reviews would indicate all pros and cons.