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Human eye is not powerful as the animals, during the night Hence to assist night viewing, few special night optic devices are developed. Night vision optics is the device which enables clear vision in the complete dark. These images appear mostly in green color, called monochrome images.

We know about binoculars, but their prices are a little too high. Yes, few are very high due to their quality of glasses. But not all are expensive. There are few binoculars, which come in less than 100 bucks. 100?? Yes, less than 100.

Roof prisms are the ones which are usually on the higher end compared to porro prisms. This doesn’t mean that porro is of low quality. The reason is, porro prisms don’t require that extra coatings, making them less expensive.

Here we introduce you to binoculars, of good brands costing you less than 100 bucks Best Compact Binoculars: A Buyers Guide.

* Bushnell Legacy

* Leupold BX-1 Yosemite

* Nikon Aculon A211

* Nikon Action ultra-wide

* Vortex crossfire

* Redfield renegade

Yes, they and a few more all are of good quality and come within your budget. So don’t wait any more, go grab one and start your journey of your interest.

Hunting binoculars

Hunting requires binoculars as rifles are required. Hunting is done in any part of the day, early morning, afternoon, evening or late evenings and night. So, you must be specific in what type of binocular you need, features, lens quality, price etc. keep a tab on your preferences and then start hunting for a good binocular Choosing Binoculars for Football.

Just like other binoculars, hunting binoculars also are rated based on the same features, like Magnification power, lens quality, Brightness, Weight, Size, Field of View, Close focus, price. It also has few special features prism types, image quality rendered, Rubber coating and is waterproof and optical coatings.

Based on the above said features, we have scrutinized few brands here as the best binoculars for hunting. The list is:

Vortex optics Diamondback 10*42

This is considered by many users as one of the best binocular for hunting within a specified budget. It offers 10X magnification using 42mm objective lens. This is both water and fog proof. Quality of the image and clarity is very good. Overall this is rated among the top ranks in the list.

Vortex optics Viper

This comes with an O ring, which makes dust and other particles impossible to sit on the lens. It also makes it fog and water proof. It is a multi-coated model offering excellent quality images, due to high density low dispersion glass. Overall this is preferred by most of the hunters due to its excellent quality of the product.

Leica Geovid HD 10*42, Eagle optics Shrike also come in the list offering a good quality product.

Bird watching optic Binoculars: Bird watching in the wild, spotting a rare species, can never be equaled to any other hobby. You need to capture them carefully and immediately as those birds would never give us a second chance to spot. For this purpose you need something called as Spotting scopes Marine Binocular Reviews 2017. Spotting scopes gives an incredible magnification, which is simple and light weight that is offers high durability to carry each day while you bird watch.

Spotting scopes comes in two basic body designs- Straight and angled.

Straight scope is very much recommended for beginners, as it’s easier. It can be used for watching birds on the ground or water or even below a cliff. It gives less strain on your neck.

Angled scope is aimed to be shared among group of people. This is better to be used to spot nestled birds.

So based on your necessity, do a research and then invest in spotting scopes for bird watching. There’s also a word that binoculars are best in all terms for bird watching. Investing in a spotting scope is completely your preference and necessity.